USC Aiken Faculty Earn RISE Awards for Summer Research

Aiken, SC (02/27/2018) — Several University of South Carolina Aiken faculty earned Research Initiative for Summer Engagement program grant awards.

The USC vice president for Research recently announced the 2018 recipients, which included 8 faculty from USC Aiken.

"In total, USC Aiken faculty received one third of all RISE awards this year for all of the senior four-year campuses in addition to the two campuses of Palmetto College," said Dr. Chad Leverette, director of sponsored research at USC Aiken.

According to the RISE website, the program provides financial support to pay for summer salary, research supplies, travel related to research and undergraduate student support.

USC Aiken faculty who earned RISE grants include:

Andrew Dyer: Ecological Invasion: The Role of Indirect Effects in an Annual Grassland

Kelly Ann Gibson: Tropical Pacific Nutrient Dynamics Across the Mid Pleistocene Transition

Todd Hagstette: James Henry Hammond and William Gilmore Simms: The Worst of Friends

Richard Maltz: Compose a Ballet

Nicholas Marshall: Preparation of alternating conjugated polymer brushes via surface-initiated Kumada catalyst-transfer polymerization (SI-KCTP)

Kristina Ramstad: Assessing genetic connectivity and divergence among wood storks of Brazil, Cuba and the United States

Jessica Sullivan: RISE: Production and Comparison of GPS and LiDAR Salt Marsh Circulation Models

Laura Swain: Examination of the Positivity Effect and Socio-emotional Cognitive Functioning in Patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis